CMANO : Barents Sea Boomers

Command Modern Air Naval Operations is a unique wargame unlike anything else out there. Instead of fighting an arcane interface or poorly designed structure we have a fairly simple interface overlaid on top of a deep and vibrant simulation. CMANO is agnostic to a theater or area. In fact it is very friendly to scenarios from 1946 all the way to 2030+. But for now we’ll be looking at the Northern Inferno campaign, specially Barents Sea Boomers.

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War in the East : Supply Basics

Supply in the War in the East at first seems incredibly complicated but is actually much simpler than it seems. Though like almost everything in WitE, it’s as complicated as you choose to make it.
In Road to Minsk, a 3 turn scenario, you don’t have to worry about supply at all. You can get a decisive Axis victory without ever thinking about it. But in the other Road to scenarios, and the full campaign, it becomes much more critical. But the good news, it’s not that bad.

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Gary Grigsby’s War in the East – Basics

This is a quick introduction to the most basic of things in War in the East.

War in the East, or WitE, is a massive beast. The scale it latches on to is gargantuan. It can stretch from Finland to the Black Sea. Now I don’t recommend starting with the full war, start with Road to Minsk. But first, what the hell are we looking at?

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