The Strategy Gamer 

is my effort to talk about a particular niche of games. I aim for some wit, deep insight, and most of all the honest truth. If a game is crap I intend to let everyone know.

For most PC games the money isn’t the issue. Add in a Steam sale and you can get many titles for $10. The problem is sinking in hours of time to realize a game is either bad, incomplete, buggy or all three.

Apps suffer from a similar disease. Tons of content, not much variety, and even less depth. It’s a rare gem of a game that keeps me glued to my phone.

Tabletop and board games tend to have some more polish, and with them comes a high price. Is it worth it? Well, I’ve got more than a few duds on my shelf. Is it a bad game, or just not terribly fun?

I’ll tackle AAA titles, Grognardy niche games, a cat anime game for iOS and everything in between. It might be a nerdy model set, or maybe some 28mm painted peoples, hell, you’ll likely see some 6mm knights traipsing aboSilly Dogut.


There may be affiliate links and advertising interspersed about. But regardless of all that, if a game sucks, I will tell it like it is. Without honesty I have nothing.

Who am I?

Casey is an author, novelist, engineer, and dad. He has one son, a cat, and a dog with a set of wicked googly eyes. He lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His earliest game memories include Arctic Fox on the C64, Pool of Radiance, and V for Victory : Velikie Luki. 

Contact me at casey@thestrategygamer.com